Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reinventing the Wheel Series

Piano Forte (33"w x 23"h)

Three and One(24"w x 18"h)

King of The Road (20"w x 22"h)


  1. hi!
    i am a new follower of your blog. and i love love love your work. i wish i could read more about your process. as an assemblage artist myself, i am always interested in this side of the work.
    i especially love this series (reinventing the wheel) did you make this for a specific show? or are these 3 a triptych?

    my husband and i will be in LA (pasadena) in january, will you be showing work somewhere close? would love to see your work live.
    keep creating!

  2. Thanks Rebeca, I appreciate the feedback. I did make this series for a show I did last June and though they are a series connected by theme, they are separate pieces. My work is created in many different ways. Sometimes a piece I find can inspire me toward an idea, other times I get a visual in my head and I have to find the pieces to create it. I follow my creative intuition, it's like a force that propels me down a path. I will email you about January.